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Monsoon Malabar Coffee Beans

Posted on 30 October 2012 by admin

Information Regarding the Monsoon Malabar Coffee Bean

The Monsoon Malabar coffee bean is a bean that produces a very strong, but dry blend. It has a very rich and interesting history dating all the way back to the British Raj. This bean first became popular in Europe and its popularity soon began to spread like wildfire. The beans come from India, but are used in blends enjoyed all around the world. The Monsoon Malabar coffee bean was one of the most popular blends of the past and remains to be a favorite among coffee drinkers today. The characteristics and taste of this bean are strong and dry.

History of Monsoon Malabar

The Monsoon Malabar coffee beans originate from India. They are a dry process bean that earn their name due to the fact that they are often swamped with the rains of the monsoon season.  These beans were once transported from India to Europe. This transport occurred by boat. During the transportation process the beans would be exposed to the extreme rains of monsoons. Traders deliberate would take the rainiest route to ensure that the beans would lose some of their bold taste. This process derived the term monsooning. The monsooning process today is much different and involves a very intricate and delicate process that does not involve traveling around the world, but the effects on the Monsoon Malabar coffee bean are still the same.


These beans lose acidity due to the fact that they are exposed to the heavy monsoon rains. The water causes the bean to swell in size. The water logging of the bean allows for some of the more pungent flavor to be released. The monsooning process greatly lowers the PH level of the Monsoon Malabar coffee bean. The lower PH level allows for a better balanced blend. The main unforgettable characteristics of the Monsoon Malabar coffee bean is its strong dry flavor that is flavored with unforgettable nutty flavors and bountiful spices. Before the monsooning process the Monsoon Malabar coffee bean is extremely strong and potent. That is why the monsooning process is so important to the development of a blend using this particular type of coffee bean.

Taste of this Coffee Bean

Coffee blends made with Monsoon Malabar coffee beans are best known for having a heavy bodied taste and dry flavor. Spices, nuts, and even a hint of chocolate can be detected in a coffee blend made with Monsoon Malabar coffee beans. The Monsoon Malabar coffee beans are best known for delivering a full bodied blend that has splashes of long lasting unique flavors. Monsoon Malabar coffee beans have been described as producing a pungent blend that is also somewhat musty. These coffee beans produce a strong blend that is lightly spiced. This blend has a mellow flavor that is very unique.


Overall, Monsoon Malabar coffee beans earned their original name and prompted the use of what lead to modern day monsooning. This coffee bean produces a dry blend that has a flavor boost consisting of nuts and spices.

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