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Malawi Coffee Beans

Posted on 25 August 2012 by admin

Malawi Coffee Beans | All About Malawi Coffee Beans At CoffeechaptersMalawi Coffee Beans

Have you ever just wanted to stop and smell the coffee? Malawi Coffee Beans are the way to go when you want a fresh brew of coffee without the large price tag. This coffee type is known for being smooth and full bodied. This coffee makes it to the United States and is a treat for those who can get their hands on it.


The actual country of Malawi is very small and some people are surprised it can produce so much of the world’s coffee. Malawi is also located in Africa, so the rich coffee history already exists. It’s a way of life and a way people survive from month to month. The coffee itself has a lot of competition and is not held to as high of a standard as other coffees in the area.

Although some would argue with that and say that Malawi Coffee Beans are some of the most prized coffee beans in the area. This particular coffee bean is laid out to dry after it’s harvested. The way it’s harvested today could be the same way that their ancestors did it so many years ago.

Coffee Types

Malawi Coffee Beans are well known for making Agaro, Bourbon & Geisha varieties. The cup of coffee produced from these beans is very quite. However, the taste of the coffee makes your mouth do a little jump because there are so many flavors happening inside the coffee bean. Some say that there are hints of tobacco and molasses in this coffee. All together the coffee bean is very popular and makes a mean cup of coffee.

Coffee Bean Production

The coffee beans are processed much like other coffee beans in the area. They are grown by family owned farms and make a huge impression on the economy. Families not only grow the coffee beans but they also pick them, wash them, and then send them off to markets. Larger markets like Starbucks also purchase this kind of coffee. Sometimes it’s used as a base coffee and other times it’s used as a full flavor coffee.

Cupping Quality

This coffee bean has a soft and delicate feel but is also very complete. The aroma of the coffee bean is very rewarding. The smells associated with this coffee bean include flowering grass, lavender, hints of molasses, tobacco, and cocoa.

Where to Buy

This coffee bean can be found in a variety of places. It’s easy to get in the Americas and you could probably stop at any coffee shop to pick it up. You also have the ability to go online and look for the different varieties of Malawi coffee beans available. Depending on where you want these coffee beans sent it could cost a pretty penny to get there. The coffee is known as fair trade coffee and that’s one of the reasons as to why the big corporations use the coffee beans. That means that people are paid fairly for the type of coffee they grow and distribute.

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