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Guatemala Antigua Coffee Beans

Posted on 10 August 2012 by admin

Guatemala Antigua Coffee Beans - All About CoffeeGuatemala Antigua Coffee Introduction

Guatemala Antigua coffee is one of the most flavorful coffees available. It is only grown in Guatemala Antigua at elevations of 4,600 feet to 5,600 feet above sea level. The coffee trees produce such unique and pleasing flavor profiles due to being grown in rich volcanic soil. In fact, the area where these beans grow is surrounded by three volcanos. The temperatures stay perfect for cultivating these coffee trees, which is between 66 degrees and 71 degrees Fahrenheit. Also adding to the great flavor of this coffee is the continued moisture and humidity, which is about sixty-five percent. There are also many shade trees in the growing areas providing a natural greenhouse effect. The coffee trees are able to produce their coffee cherries rather quickly and they mature just as fast in these conditions.

Flavour Profiles of the Guatemala Antigua Coffee

Coffee drinkers worldwide praise this coffee as one of the best in the world. If you or a loved one has tried a cup of the finished brew from the Guatemala Antigua coffee beans, than you already know there are many complex flavor profiles in each brew. This is a rich coffee with a light body to medium body, depending on the roast. One notable flavor is the smoky chocolate.  Other prominent notes are peach, honey, dried fruits, spices, caramel, maple, citrus, brown sugar, apple, pear, wine, and plum. It is often described as being a luscious and velvety coffee. The growers work by hand to cultivate these flavors and even hand pick, process, and roast them with great detail. Thanks to the growers’ hard work, this coffee has an exceptionally high cup quality.

Is this Coffee for Everyone?

Most of the consumers who try this coffee find it pleasing, even if they typically do not like very thick mouthfeel coffees. Some of the brands can have a syrup like thickness. However, with the complexity of the Guatemala Antigua coffee flavors and notes, many do not mind. This coffee is many times served along with sweet treats or after dinner as a dessert coffee. The sweet taste compliments this well. The strong flavors of the finished brew hold up well under dilution with additions of milk or cream, which is another reason this is such a popular coffee.

Where to Find this Luscious Coffee

Thankfully, this is a popular coffee and can usually be located for sale, often by the pound, in coffee shops, coffee boutiques, and specialty coffee stores. However, it is still a good idea to call ahead first; just to be sure they are in stock. There are also many places online that carry Guatemala Antigua coffee. Websites such as online coffee retailers and even wholesalers will most always have these in stock. They are usually sold on whole bean form by the pound. With a pound bag of these beans, you next gift giving event will be solved. Also, you can purchase a bag of Guatemala Antigua coffee as a guilty pleasure for yourself.

Body – Light to heavy body
Acidity – Balanced Acidity
Aftertaste – Nice finish, almost tea like
Aroma – Floral and sweet

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